hawkeye-pilot photography

DREAM BIG! Carl Sandburg once said, "nothing happens unless first we dream". Photography has let me record some precious moments as I try to fulfill my dreams. There are sure to be many more moments to capture, so this dream continues to unfold!

SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY. Photography involves the use of light, technique, and equipment to record images which help us to express our dreams. Dreams are meant to be big! What is your dream? When the moment arrives, capture it with a photograph.

CREATIVE ART. A recent TV ad explains it: "It ain't what you do, its the way you do it; that's what gets results". Ralph Waldo Emerson refines this a bit further: "Don't be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams." Whenever photography poses a challenge to me, I stick by it and push through to new discoveries! There is seemingly no end to creativity. Use your imagination.

CAPTURE THE MOMENT: The creative art of photography is about how you interact with varied conditions more than following a set of instructions. The photographer is a problem solver, a meeter of challenges, and a "mountain climber". Great results don't come without effort. You must plan, prepare, and then thoroughly engage to capture the moment! The equipment you employ is only a beginning to results, not the end. Be prepared to think and then act. And be ready to find that your results are often worthy of the effort you put into obtaining them.

“Get excited and enthusiastic about your own dream. This excitement is like a forest fire – you can smell it, taste it, and see it from a mile away.” ~ Denis Waitley

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